Dayton Wright Airplane Company

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1918 advertisement in Aerial Age Weekly

Orville Wright and the Dayton works of the Wright Company joined Dayton Engineering Laboratory Co. (Delco) and Dayton Metal Products Co. to establish the Dayton Wright Airplane Co.[1]

Orville Wright to Glenn L. Martin 19-May-1917 gives key people: Edward Andrew Deeds; Charles F. Kettering, Harold Elstner Talbott, Sr., and Harold Elstner Talbott, Jr.


  1. SD310
Names Dayton Wright Airplane Co.
Country US
City Dayton, OH
Started aero 1916?
Ended aero
Key people Edward Andrew Deeds, Charles F. Kettering, Harold Elstner Talbott, Sr., Harold Elstner Talbott, Jr.