Deutsche Flugzeug Werke

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Deutsche Flugzeug Werke (DFW) established by Bernard Meyer.

built Maurice Farman designs under license, then Etrich and Jeannin Taube designs, then original designs including Mars 2-seater in monoplane and biplane forms, various biplane and triplane fighters, and giant bombers . Ailing company taken over postwar by Allgemeine Transportanlagen Gesellschaft Maschinenbau (ATG).

Designer Obit Bier formed DFW branch Lloyd in Austria-Hungary 1912 (Ungarische Lloyd Flugzeug und Motorenfabrik AG, Lloyd's Austrian name; Magyar Lloyd Repulogep es Motogyar, Lloyd's Hungarian name).


Names Deutsche Flugzeug Werke, DFW
Country Germany
City Lindenthal, Leipzig
Started aero 1910
Ended aero ca. 1920?
Key people Bernard Meyer