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"Farmans Drachenflieger" (Schiemann, 1910, Vogelflug und Kunstflug, p. 39). Schliemann uses Drachenflieger in contrast with Gleitflieger.

Publication 5638, 1897, Langley's Flugmaschine suggests that Langley's Aerodrome fits into this category. Yet Patent DE-1890-59851 (tagged with Drachenflieger, why?) concerns an LTA dirigible. Meanwhile Drachen usually means kite or glider.

By 1910 the standard meaning of "Drachenflieger" was more or less "airplane", as shown in contemporary patents and dictionaries.[1]


  1. Olavarría y Martínez, 1912, Diccionario téchinco-automovilista y de aeronáutica, p. 34.
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