Morris Park Meet

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Event names Morris Park Meet; aka New York Exhibition and Tournament
Event type exhibition
Country US
Location Morris Park, New York
Start date 1908
Number of days
Tech focus Airplanes, I think

Started in November 1908

Morris Park is in the Bronx. The “Exhibition and Tournament” was held in November 1908 and sponsored by the Aeronautic Society of New York. Tom Crouch wrote about it, drawing seeing insights into the nature of the community of aeronautical experimenters at the dawn of the air age. Ordinary Americans were to eager catch their first glimpse of a human being in winged flight. The first photograph of the Wright brothers’ airplane in the air was published in May of 1908. Morris Park was chosen as a flying field because it was close enough to the city to be accessible by public transport, it had plenty of level, open ground, and had sheds and other buildings for the pioneering aeronauts. Crouch describes some of the politics and issues involved in organizing the Meet and on the Meet itself. The Aeronautic Society experienced a boom in membership in 1909. Crouch describe politics and ill-will between the new Aeronautic Society and the existing Aero Club of America. The article shows black-and-white photographs of the Morris Park Meet and of the founders of the Aeronautic Society.

Tech focus was airplanes?


Much valuable detail is here: and, aka