1896 Exposition nationale suisse

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A number of prominent applicants were refused the right to exhibit a captive balloon at the Geneva exposition. Eugène Baud was approved to do so in June 1895, having bid 20,000 francs for the privilege the previous year.[1]

The balloon in question, produced at the Manufacture d'Aérostats de Vaugirard under the direction of Alexandre Liwentaal, had:[2]

  • Diameter: 18.83 m
  • Circumference: 59 m
  • Volume: 3,5000 m3
  • Envelope surface area: ~1¸075 m2
  • Rubber fabric, resistance 1,400–1,500 kg/m2
  • Nacelle, diameter 2.80 m
  • Capacity to lift 15 to 20 passengers
Event names 1896 Exposition nationale suisse à Genève
Event type exhibition
Country CH
Location Geneva
Start date 1896-06-01
Number of days 167
Tech focus LTA, captive


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