1896 International Meteorological Conference

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The main topic was expanding and standardizing the worldwide communication of weather data.[1][2]

The conference passed the following resolutions concerning meteorological aeronautics:[1]

  1. The Conference recognizes the great importance of aeronautical investigations for meteorological science and expresses the desire that scientific ascensions should be encouraged and multiplied.
  2. The Conference expresses the wish that scientific ascents, either with manned balloons or pilot balloons, should take place simultaneously at different stations.
  3. At the present time the Conference can not recommend either special methods or particular instruments, but it desires that, so far as possible, identical instruments should be used during the simultaneous ascensions of pilot balloons.
  4. The prompt publication of the unreduced observations, especially those which are made in simultaneous ascensions, is of capital importance.
  5. It is desirable that observations in captive balloons, which are not manned, should be systematically made.
  6. On account of the satisfactory results which have been obtained at Blue Hill with kites carrying registering instruments up to 2,000 meters, it is desirable that similar investigations be undertaken elsewhere.

A provisional aeronautical committee was nominated, consisting of Hergesell, Erk, Aßman, Cailletet, de Fonvielle, Hermite, Jaubert, Prmatzoff, and Rotch.[1] [Some of these people, it seems, were not in attendance – hence the 'nomination'.]

Conference conducted in French but communications in German and English were allowed. Scott read a report from the Permanent International Committee (not the Permanent International Aeronautic Commission, founded in 1900 ...)[1]




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Event names International Conference of Meteorology; Conference météorologique internationale
Event type conference
Country FR
Location Paris
Start date 1896-09-17
Number of days 6
Tech focus meteorology, LTA, balloon, kite, instrument, Blue Hill Observatory