1899 International Meteorological Committee meeting

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The International Meteorological Committee met in St. Petersburg in September 1899. The host was General Rykatcheff, Director of the Central Physical Observatory. Only eight members of the Committee were able to attend.[1]

The Congress was opened by Grand Duke Constantine who discussed the work of Kupffer, the "founder of Russian climatology".[1]

Issues discussed included:[1]

  • Terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity (report by Rücker)
  • Clouds (report by Hildebrandsson)
  • Balloon (probably ballon-sonde) ascensions (report by [[Hugo Hergesell)
  • Solar radiation and insolation (report by Violle)
  • Whether the Committee should consider earthquakes (they decided yes)
  • Antarctic exploration and the establishment of meteorological stations in the far south
  • Plans of the Prince of Monaco, aided by Captain Chaves of the Portuguese Navy, to create a meteorological and magnetic observatory in the Azores
  • Definition of the meteorological day
  • Telegraph cable connecting Iceland to Europe (via Faroe and Shetland islands) for meteorological reporting (etc.)

A new committee was formed, consisting of Pertner, president, Carl Friedrich Billwiller, Neumayer, Rykatcheff, Mohn, and Tacchini, to consider telegraphic connection of meteorological stations. All the committees (including the International Commission for Scientific Aeronautics were scheduled to meet in conjunction with the IMC at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris.[1]

The scientists visited various places of interest around St. Petersburg, including Kronstadt, the Central Physical Observatory, the Bureau of Weights and Measures, and an aeronautic park.[1]


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Event names 1899 International Meteorological Congress
Event type conference
Country RU
Location St. Petersburg
Start date 1899-09-02
Number of days 6
Tech focus meteorology