1900 International Meteorological Congress

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Event names International Conference of Meteorology
Event type conference
Country FR
Location Paris
Start date September 10, 1900
Number of days 7
Tech focus meteo, LTA, kite

The International Conference of Meteorology met during the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris. More than 100 delegates from more than 30 countries met at the Société d'Encouragement (rue de Rennes, no. 44).[1] It immediately preceded the International Aeronautical Congress of 1900.[2]

The president was Mascart, director of French Meteorological Office; Angot was general secretary. Prof. Hugo Hergesell discussed atmospheric exploration using balloons and kites.[2]

The conference resolved to conduct regular cloud observations from kites and balloons, and to transmit observation reports telegraphically.[2]


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