1905 International Meteorological Conference

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The 1906 International Meteorological Congress was a meeting of the International Meteorological Committee at Innsbruck, Austria.

Fifty directors of observatories and meteorological services participated in the meeting.[1]

Mascart of the French Meteorological Office was unable to attend, so Professors Hann and Pernter of Vienna were chosen honorary president and president; Hugo Hildebrand Hildebrandsson and General Rykatchef were named vice-presidents.[1]

Abbott Lawrence Rotch and Father José María Algué of Manila represented the US.[1]

Members elected to International Committee: Chaves (Portugal), Davis (Argentina), Eliot (India), Hellmann (Germany), Hepites (Romania), Hildebrandsson (Sweden), Lancaster (Belgium), Mascart (France), Mohn (Norway), [[Moore] (USA), Nakamura (Japan), Palazzo (Italy), Paulsen (Denmark), Pernter (Austria), Russell (Australia), Rykatchef (Russia), and Shaw (Great Britain).[1]

Subcommittees with mandates renewed:[1]

  • Commission for terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity, Rykatchef president, Dr. A. Schmidt of Potsdam, secretary, in charge of coordinating world observations
  • Commission for scientific aeronautics, Hergesell, President
  • Commission for solar radiation, Ångström, President

Some of the issues discussed were:[1][2]

  • International standards for barometers
  • New edition of cloud atlas
  • Cooperation in study of squalls and heavy rainfall
  • Solar radiation
  • Meteorological services in Brazil, China, and Russia
  • Expedition to the tropical Atlantic by Hugo Hergesell and the Prince of Monaco
  • Balloon launches by Rotch and Teisserenc de Bort at Tenerife and Cape Verde (off the northwest coast of Africa)
  • Establishment of observatories in northern Siberia and America

All resolutions were to be published in German, French, English and Spanish.


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Event names 1906 International Meteorological Congress
Event type conference
Country AT
Location Innsbruck
Start date 1905-09-09
Number of days
Tech focus meteo, instrument, barometer, ballon-sonde, kite