1919 National Balloon Race

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Announcement of National Balloon Race in Aerial Age Weekly, 28 July 1919.

Promoted as a renewal of ballooning following the war, with backing from Aero Club of St. Louis, Missouri Aeronautical Society, and Aero Club of America (II).[1]

"Major A. B. Lambert, the pioneer aeronaut of St. Louis, and his associates who have organized the National Balloon Race to start from St. Louis October first, deserve high praises for reviving the sport of ballooning," said Henry Woodhouse, Chairman of the Dirigible and Kite Balloon Committee of the Aero Club of America.[1]

Free Ballooning, 1919, p. 8:

In connection with aeronautics, every time we think of the War being over we are prone to revel in memories. For our thoughts go back to those days when ballooning knew no war except the fighting spirit, the keen rivalry, of true sportsmanship. [...]
[...] Now that the War is over, and Government restrictions on civilian flying have been lifted, we should like to see Free Ballooning stage a strong "come-back."
The Aero Club of St. Louis has issued the challenge. The National Balloon Race of October is the first of its kind since 1913. And there were many local contests back in those days that we have no heard of so far since the War. So we congratulate St. Louis and we thank St. Louis for bringing those good days back again.

Ralph Hazlett Upson won the race.[2]

Event names National Balloon Race, 1919
Event type competition
Country US
Location St. Louis
Start date October 1, 1919
Number of days
Tech focus LTA


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