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Austria was a central part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which may have had one patent office or many ; we'll find out.

Many modern countries were in the Empire, and the way we classify patents and other items by country is uncertain for those in this empire.

AT is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Austria.

Austrian patents usually list these dates:

  • Angemeldet: submitted/registered
  • Beginn der Patentdauer: beginning of patent duration (presumably this can be called the 'date granted'?)
  • Ausgegeben: "outputted" (presumably the date published? or is this the true 'date granted'?)

We have a write-up of Patent AT-1906-28323 in IAM (1907, p. 32) in which the "Beginn der Patentdauer" date is called [the date on which the patent was] "Ausgelegt", and the "Ausgegeben" date is called "Einspruchsfrist". Contemporary translations of these terms are 'lent' and 'objection period' – for what that's worth.

  • [Applying to Deutsches Reich patents but relevant to this thread:] IAM 1900, p. 59 prefaces a patent list with the statement "Einspruchsfrist zwei Monate vom Tage der Auslegung an" – and gives date ausgelegt (which we don't usually know) as well as date angemeldet in the list. I think we can tentatively set the date granted, for Deutsches Reich patents published circa 1900, at two months before the date "Ausgegben". This will at least get us a value for the year granted. (Inferring also that the Einspruchsfrist is a period after the official grant date where anyone can challenge the validity of the patent. This process should be confirmable in the relatively abundant contemporary literature about international patent processes.)
    • [This will all eventually get sorted into reasonable prose and relocated.] Ok the first example, Patent DE-1899-110660, disproves the above method (by three months and change), since IAM says date ausgelegt is 14 Dec 1899 and the facsimile has date ausgegeben as 25 May 1900. Possibly there is a delay between the end of the Einspruchfrist and the Ausgegebung, though this would seem to disagree with IAM's interpretation of the Austrian patents in 1907. 'Ausgelegt' may be the best fit for 'date granted' as contrasted with date published, but a more precise meaning might be 'date provisionally granted'. To be continued.
    • Four of the six patents in this batch are ausgelegt on the same date, 14 Dec 1899 ; are they somehow published together on this date?

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