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The Abridgment of patent specifications or Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications are summaries of patents issued by the Great Britain's Patent Office, classified by subject area and indexed by subclassification. Aeronautics is Class 4 from 1898 onwards. (Before then, Class 4 was food. Maybe aero was grouped in somewhere else?)

Aeronautical Journal, January, 1898, p. 23 lists Abridgments of Patent Specifications No. 4. Aeronautics, 1884–88 under Recent Publications, commenting:

This series of abridgments on all subjects, at popular prices (1s.), forms a most desirable aid to the inventor searching to ascertain the novelty of his invention.
The patent laws of this country make no provision for an official search as regards novelty, and all patents are taken out at the risk of the inventors. It is therefore incumbent on any person desiring to obtain a valid patent for an invention either to cause a search to be made, or himself to make a search, as to the novelty of his invention.

Bracketed & italicized names seem to be inventors, while the bolded names are applicant persons, at least in the 1893–96 volume; from the name index: "The names in italics are those of persons by whom inventions have been communicated to the applicants for Letters Patent." (In these cases we might infer that Applicant ≠ Inventor.)

See also Brewer and Alexander, 1893, Aeronautics, which uses a similar format but was not published by the Patent Office itself.

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