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The Ligue Méridionale Aérienne or Aerial League Meridian (i.e., Aerial League of the Southwest region of France) was founded no later than January 1909.

Officers elected in early 1909 included C. F. Baudry, president of the Aéro Club du Sud-Ouest, president; Ed. Saulière, Edmond Sirven, Vice Count de Curzay, and Alphonse Salgues, vice presidents; and J. Avril, secretary. Except for Avril, these were identified as the officers in 1910 at which time Sam. Maxwell, was general secretary, and Gustave Chapon, was treasurer. Another 15 were on the board of administrators. Members seemed to be primarily from Bordeaux and Toulouse.

1909 Jane's 92 listed a Ligue Aérienne du Sud at Bordeaux, with a flying ground at Croix d'Hins, Bordeaux, making it unmistakeable that it was referencing the entity otherwise known as the Ligue Meridienale Aérienne at Bordeaux. 1910-1911 Jane's 124, 125 (Nov. 1910) also listed the Ligue Aérienne du Sud and gave its address as 1 Rue Franklin, Bordeaux, making it unmistakable that it was the club listed elsewhere as Ligue Méridionale Aérienne.

The 1910 Annuario dell' Aeronautica listed the telephone as 14-28 and the cable address as Baldericus. Baldericus was an individual.

Affiliated with=AeCF, 1910 or earlier

  • Address: Office, 1 Rue Franklin, Bordeaux (1910); Aerodrome at the Croix d'Hins (at least 1909-1910)
  • Cable address=Aviation, Bordeaux
  • Phone=22-92


  • 1 Flight 40 (1909)
  • 1909 Jane's All the World's Aircraft 92
  • 1909 Motor Cyclopaedia YB 109 Misc.
  • 1910 Annuario dell' Aeronautica Primo 373 (Sept. 1910)
  • 1911 Aéro-Manuel 325, 492 (1 Oct. 1910)

(Of conceivably tangential note, overlapping the latest years in which we take interest, and pertinent to aero developments taking place within this region, may be the francophone Wikipedia article on the Aérodrome de Jonzac - Neulles.)

Organization names Aerial League Meridian; Ligue Méridionale Aérienne
Entity type
Country France
City Bordeaux, Gironde
Affiliated with Aero Club of France
Scope Regional
Started aero 1909 or earlier
Ended aero
Key people