Aerial League National, Douai Section

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Organization names Aerial League National, Douai Section : Ligue Nationale Aerienne, Section de Douai
Entity type
Country France
City Douai, Nord
Affiliated with Ligue Nationale Aerienne
Scope Local
Started aero 1909
Ended aero
Key people
  • Address: 34 Rue des Foulons, Douai

}} A Douai section of the Ligue Nationale Aerienne was founded in January 1909. In March 1914, the Comite National d'Aviation Militaire and the Association General Aeronautique announced they would unite and then came the news that they had amalgamated with the Ligue Nationale Aerienne, into an organization to known as the Ligue Aeronautique de France. The status of the Douai section of the League at that time is not known.

The impetus for founding the Ligue Nationale Aerienne, Section de Douai, appears to have been a discussion on aerial navigation by Louis-Charles Breguet, Rene Quinton, and Ernest Archdeacon, which opened a conference there on 10 Jan. 1909 at the Hippodrome. Breguet appears to have been elected the initial president. In 1910, the officers included Breguet as president and Pierre Delaugre as secretary.

Affiliated with Ligue Nationale Aerienne, 1909