Aerial League of Australia, Queensland Section

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On 25 Aug. 1909, a Queensland Section of the Aerial League of Australian was said to have been formed though as late as 19 Oct. 1909, it was said that this section was being initialized. A provisional council was elected on 5 or 6 July 1910. In December 1910, 82 members were reported in the Queensland Section.

Officers of the provisional council elected in July 1910 included John Macdonald, president; John Reid, H. J. Diddams, Thomas MacLeod, and J. Hiron, vice presidents; E. W. Clisby, honorary treasurer, and Charles Lindsay Campbell, honorary secretary, in addition to five other council members and Earl Dudley, the Commonwealth's governor general, as patron. C. L. Campbell and T. MacLeod had both been founders of the Queensland Aero Club. John MacDonald was president of the Aerial League in 1912.


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Organization names Aerial League of Australia, Queensland Section
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