Aero Club Biarritz-Bayonne

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The Aviation Committee of Bayonne-Biarritz, which see, was accepted as an affiliate of the Aero Club of France in January 1909. It seems likely to have been a short-lived precursor to the Aero Club Biarritz-Bayonne.

1910-1911 Jane's 125 (Nov. 1910) lists Societe d'Aviation de Bayonne-Biarritz, Dr. Gallard, president. Given that listing in 1911 Aero-Manuel is for Aero Club Biarritz-Bayonne, it seems that Jane's was in error.

Affiliated with AeCF in 1909.


  • 1 Flight 67 (1909); 1910 Annuario dell' Aeronautica Primo 373 (Sept. 1910); 1911 Aero-Manuel 223 (1 Oct. 1910)
Organization names Aero Club Biarritz-Bayonne
Entity type
Country France
City Biarritz, Basses-Pyrenees
Affiliated with AeCF
Scope Local
Started aero 1910 or earlier
Ended aero
Key people
  • Address: Biarritz