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The Aero Club Liege-Spa was formed circa December 1908 at the headquarters of the Liegeois Automobile Club.

Initial officers in 1908 included Emil Digneffe, president; Auguste Dumoulin and Adrien G. Piedboeuf, vice presidents; and Chevalier Jules de Their, general secretary.[1] Officers in 1910 included Digneffe, president; E. Gerard, vice president; and A. Redboeuf, secretary.

The Aero Club Liege-Spa affiliated with the Aero Club of Belgium in 1910 or earlier.

To do's

Need to find if "de" is part of name. Also need to confirm that there is not a club Liege in addition to Liege-Spa, so only one entry is needed. On Hathitrust only de is in English language publications 1910 or earlier. Aero-Manuel does not use de.


  1. Deutsche Luftfahrt, Volume 12, p 839 <== look for more info here
Organization names Aero Club Liege-Spa : Aero Club Liege-Spa
Entity type
Country Belgium
City Liege
Affiliated with AeCB
Scope Local
Started aero 1908
Ended aero
Key people
  • Address: 5 Rue du Casque, Liege (1909); 2 Rue des Dominicains, Liege (1910)