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Béarn was at the time of early aviation a small frontier province in the south of France, whose capital was Pau. It is now within the department of Basses-Pyrenees). The club published statutes, regulations, and list of members in 1908. It appears to be separate from the Aéro-Club de Sud-Ouest, Pau section.

In 1910 there were 215 members. Officers, 1910, included: president Paul Tissandier; vice presidents Speakmann and De Tuite; secretary Henri Sallenave; and treasurer Cougiet. Louis Blériot was a member. Earlier in 1910, G. Gass, Colombes, Baillat, and Pontoise appear to have been vice presidents and A. Marchand was secretary. The club affiliated with the AeCF in 1910 or earlier.

Locations: Marie de Pau, Pau (1910)


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Organization names Aero Club of Béarn; Aero Club du Béarn; Aéro-Club du Béarn
Entity type
Country France
City Pau, Bearn, Basses Pyrenees
Affiliated with AeCF
Scope Local
Started aero 1908 or earlier
Ended aero
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