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The Aero Club of Buffalo was formally organized circa 11 Dec. 1909. Plans at that time were to prepare and file papers of incorporation shortly. The constitution was to provide that membership would be composed wholly or in part of persons owning aeronautic inventions for personal or private use and that the club would encourage aerial navigation by promoting excursions, races, congresses, and expositions.

Officers elected in December 1908 included John M. Satterfield, president; H. A. Meldrum, Howard A. Forman, and Robert K. Root, vice presidents; George P. Urban, treasurer; and Dai. H. Lewis, secretary. The initial membership was 50. The aero club was founded in connection with the Automobile Club of Buffalo; the inaugural meeting was in the rooms of the automobile club and future meetings were to be scheduled there. The club held a model aeroplane contest on 1 Mar. 1910. The Aero Club of Buffalo was invited to enter a balloon in the August 1910 Harvard-Boston meet.

Affiliated with ACA in 1910 or earlier


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  • Goodyear (1919), p. 11
  • Dir1920
Organization names Aero Club of Buffalo
Entity type
Country US
City Buffalo, New York
Affiliated with ACA
Scope Local
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1920 or later
Key people
  • Address: 760 Main Street, Buffalo (at least 1910-1911); Lafayette Hotel, Buffalo (1912-1920)

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