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The Aero Club of Canada at Baddeck, Nova Scotia, was incorporated by the Province of Nova Scotia on 22 Apr. 1910. The first meeting was on 6 May and drew six members.

The initial officers were J. A. D. McCurdy, president and secretary; F. W. Baldwin, H. Percy Blanchard, and Hon. W. F. McCurdy, vice presidents; and K. J. McKay, treasurer. McCurdy and Baldwin had been associated with the Aerial Experiment Association, which disbanded in April 1909.


  • 6 Aeronautics (NYC) 214 (1910); 1910 Statutes of Nova Scotia
Organization names Aero Club of Canada
Entity type
Country Canada
City Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Affiliated with
Scope Regional ?
Started aero 1910
Ended aero
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