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The Aero Club of Chicago, aka the Chicago Aero Club, was reported launched in February 1906 by aeronaut William Mattery. This club might have not been more than Mattery's personal organization.

Aeronaut William Mattery, inventor of the Silver Flyer, said the club's badge would entitle the holder to free rides in the Silver Flier. The club sponsored its first balloon race on 2 Apr. 1906 in which Mattery competed against William McKinney. Matterly was identified as a promoter of the Aero Club of Chicago in news from mid-Apr. 1906 that he was to compete in a 21-hour race in a hydrogen balloon in New York against a representative of the Aero Club of New York (presumably referring to the Aero Club of America). In October 1906, Matterly was identified as secretary of the Chicago Aero Club. No news of Matterly's club is known after that date.


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Organization names Aero Club of Chicago, aka Chicago Aero Club (1)
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