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Published Bulletin, beginning 1914. Hosted the first Pan American Aeronautical Conference at its offices, 1916, and published the proceedings.

In 1913, Chili had two aero clubs -- the oldest was founded by Jorge Philipps, a retired Army officer; the second, apparently organized in 1913, was founded by Gen. Aristide Pinto Concha, director of military aviation for Chili -- and both were seeking affiliation in the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. At its meeting on 15 Dec. 1913, the FAI Bureau postponed discussion until its next meeting, pending further investigation. Due to WWI, it appears that neither the FAI nor its Bureau met from 1914 through 1918. When the FAI met in May 1919 in conference extraordinaire, the two clubs in Chile were still disputing for the power to represent Chile and with the FAI still waiting for more information, the question was deferred again. We do not know whether either of these clubs in Chile was the Aero Club that published the Bulletin beginning in 1914 (exact dates?).

See Dir1920 for address of aeropark & aerodrome, names of president, hon. secy, and treasurer of one of the clubs.


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Organization names Aero Club of Chile ; Aero Club de Chile ; Aero Club du Chili
Entity type
Country Chile
City Santiago
Affiliated with
Scope National
Started aero 1913 or earlier
Ended aero 1920 or later
Key people
  • Address: 1062 Calle Huérfanos, Santiago (at least 1916-1919)

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