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The Aero Club of Colorado was born 24 July 1909 and was officially organized and officers elected at the end of September 1909. The club was organized for purpose of promotion and advancing aerial navigation. It intended to own balloons, dirigibles and aeroplanes and to enter them in contests, local and international. The Aero Club of America received the club's application for affiliation in November 1909 and it was listed In ACA annuals of 1910 and 1911 but not mentioned in 1912 annual. Occasional media references in 1909 and 1910 to the Aero Club of Denver appear to have meant the Aero Club of Colorado. The Club was visited by Aero Club of America president Cortland F. Bishop on 26 Jan. 1910. Cortland announced that Denver was selected as a place for holding international balloon races that summer. The Colorado Aero Club, which see, was formed in late 1915 or early 1916 and does not appear to have been formed out of the Aero Club of Colorado.

Appears that the interest in the club was urged along during Charles J. Glidden's stop in Denver during his automobile endurance run from Detroit to Denver and return via Kansas City. Initial officers were: President, Gordon L. Wands, who had served as interim secretary; Vice-President, W. W. Barnett; Treasurer, C. P. Allen; Secretary, Edward F. Dean; Recording Secretary, L. H. All. The members was drawn largely if not completely from the Denver Motor Club. In 1910, K. L. Bernard, then the club's secretary, was its delegate to the American Aeronautical Association. The Aero Club of Colorado was invited to enter a balloon in the August 1910 Harvard-Boston meet.

Affiliated with ACA in 1910 or earlier.


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Organization names Aero Club of Colorado
Entity type
Country US
City Denver, Colorado
Affiliated with ACA
Scope State
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1911 or later
Key people
  • Address: 30 West Colfax Avenue, Denver (at least 1910-1911)

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