Aero Club of Finland

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The Aero Club of Finland was founded 22 Sept. 1909 in Helsingfors, Grand Duchy of Finland, of the Russian Empire.

"Aeroklubben I Finland" = a German reference to this club. Braunbeck's calls it Finnischer Aero-Club, which would be a German name as well.

  • Address: Skillnaden 13, Helsingfors (1920)
  • Cable address=Emission (1920)
  • Phone=1


  • 3 Jahrbuch der Motoluftschiff-Studiengessellschaft 469 (1908-1910); Braunbeck's Sport-Lexikon: Luftschiffahrt 170; 1910 Annuario dell' Aeronautica Primo 381 (Sept. 1910); 1910-1911 Jane's All the World's Aircraft 298 (Nov. 1910)
Organization names Aero Club of Finland
Entity type
Country Russia
City Helsingfors, Grand Duchy of Finland
Affiliated with
Scope National
Started aero 1909
Ended aero
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