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The Aero Club de Nice appears to have begun no later than 1907 as the Section Aeronautique of the Automobile Club de Nice. The founding as a separate organization, the Aero Club de Nice, was 26 Jan 1908. Its official journal, apparently until 1924, was the Automobile-Revue du Littoral, the official journal of the Automobile Club and the Aero Club de Nice. In 1924, appears to have become the Aero-Club de Nice et de la Cote d'Azur and its activities were covered by the periodical L'Auto-Moto Sports de la Cote d'Azur, which ran until 1933.

It seems likely that the Aero Club was involved in the Grand Meeting d'Aviation de Nice held 10-25 Apr. 1910 by the City and the Committee on Aviation of Nice and the Aero Club de France. Some 320 members, 1910. Officers, 1910, included: Jules Fernandez, president; Ferdinand Crossa and Eugene de Millo, vice presidents; Andre Durandy, treasurer; and Charles Kraft, secretary. G. Delbruck appears to have preceded Kraft as secretary in 1910.

Affiliated with AeCF in 1908 or earlier.

  • Started aero: 1907 or earlier
  • Ended aero: 1924 or later
  • Address: 7 Promenade des Anglais, Nice (at least 1907-1910)


  • 1:5 Aeronautics (NYC) 44 (1907)
  • 1:6 (US) Aeronautics 37 (1907)
  • 2:3 (US) Aeronautics 37 (1908)
  • 1910 Annuario dell' Aeronautica Primo 374 (Sept. 1910)
  • 1910-1911 Jane's All the World's Aircraft 125 (Nov. 1910)
  • 1911 Aero-Manuel 223, 469-472 (1 Oct. 1910)
  • and WorldCat-OCLC
Organization names Aero Club of Nice ; Aero Club de Nice
Entity type
Country France
City Nice
Affiliated with AeCF
Scope Local
Started aero 1907
Ended aero 1924
Key people Jules Fernandez, Ferdinand Crossa, Eugene de Millo, Andre Durandy, Charles Kraft, G. Delbruck