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The Aero Club of Ohio was formed 10 Dec. 1907 in Canton, Ohio. Appears to have been called, interchangeably, the Aero Club of Canton or the Canton Aero Club. It was one of the first four affiliates of the Aero Club of America according to the New York Times of 10 Apr. 1908, and the ACA Annual, 1909. The club sponsored balloon ascensions at its own park and in 1909 drew aeronauts from elsewhere, including Leo Stevens of New York. The Aero Club of Ohio was invited to enter a balloon in the August 1910 Harvard-Boston meet. Unclear if this was ever more than a local club.

The initial roster of the Aero Club of Ohio included 20 members headed by Frank S. Lahm and Walter Wellman, both former residents of Canton. Other members were business and professional men of Canton and Massillon. Johnson Sherrick was president in August 1908. 100 members in June 1910. Ohio bandmaster Karl L. King composed a 23-part march, "Canton Aero Club," published in 1909, which he dedicated to the local hot air balloon club. (The sheet music is still readily available.)

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Affiliated with ACA in 1908.


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Organization names Aero Club of Ohio aka Aero Club of Canton and Canton Aero Club
Entity type
Country US
City Canton, Ohio
Affiliated with ACA
Started aero 1907
Ended aero 1920 or later
Key people
  • Address: no fixed address (1908-1919)

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