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The Aero Club de Portugal (AeCP) or Aero Club of Portugal was founded 11 Dec. 1909, with temporary headquarters at the Portuguese Association of Civil Engineers in the Palace Square. The main function of the AeCP was to encourage and develop aviation in Portugal. This would be accomplished by building and exhibitng aircraft; establishing relations with similar bodies abroad, including attending conferences and contest; publishing articles; and organizing and maintaining a library aeronautics. It appears to have joined the Federation Aviation Internationale in 1913 and still represents Portugal in the FAI.

The Club began with 30 members, mostly officers of engineering. Colonel Fernando Eduardo Serpa Pimentel was appointed its first president and he was apparently assisted by Captain Peter Fava de Almeida Ribeiro. It published Boletim do Aero-club de Portugal in March, June, and December 1911 and, thereafter, published Revista Aeronautica. "Club" also appears also to have been spelled "Clube" for its imprints are listed in the National Union Catalog Pre-1956 Imprints and WorldCat under Aero Clube de Portugal.

Joined FAI in 1913 apparently. Need FAI Conference Statutaire 1913 to establish when it joined the FAI or might find through other research.


Organization names Aero Club of Portugal ; Aero Club de Portugal ; Aero Clube de Portugal
Entity type
Country Portugal
City Lisbon
Affiliated with FAI
Scope National
Started aero 1909
Ended aero Still exists
Key people
  • Address: 81 R. Novado Almada, S. L.,Lisbon (at least 1914); 16 Praca dos Restauradores, Lisbon (1915); 22-A Travessa da Gloria, 2d D, Lisbon (1916-at least 1919)

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