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The Aero Club of Rostow at Rostow on the Don in Russia was founded in 1910 or earlier.

The Vserossiiskii Aero-Klub or All Russian Aero Club was established in St. Petersburg in 1907. It received official sanction ca. 3 Apr. 1909 when Tsar Nicholas II granted its members the honor of adding the prefix "Imperial" to the club's name and from then on it was the Imperatorskii Vserossiiskii Aero-Klub and known by its initials as IVAK. The club was admitted to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) at the FAI's meeting on 30 Sept. 1909. According to Braunbeck's, by early 1910, there were affiliates in Odessa, Rostow on the Don, and St. Petersburg; 1910-1911 Jane's lists IVAK branches at these locations. Probably the Aero Club of Rostow was the affiliate or branch in Rostow on the Don. Otherwise this would mean two separate entities, the IVAK affiliate or branch and the Aero Club of Rostow, which appears to be unlikely. IVAK is not listed in the Aviation Pocket-Book for 1919-1920 and it and its affiliates appear to have become defunct around the time of the Russian revolution in 1917.

Affiliated with IVAK in 1910 or earlier.


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Organization names Aero Club of Rostow
Entity type
Country Russia
City Rostow on the Don
Affiliated with IVAK
Scope Local
Started aero 1910 or earlier
Ended aero 1917
Key people