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The founding date was 31 Mar. 1901 in Bern, also spelled Berne. The club's first balloon ascent was 11 July 1902 and by then the club owned balloon materials and had a small library. It was one of the eight national organizations that met in Paris 12-14 Oct. 1905 to put together the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI). By the end of 1910, sections had been established in Zurich, Berne, and Lausanne, and in 1911, it obtained an affiliated club in Geneva, Club Suisse d'Aviation.

In 1900 Col. Theodor Schaeck set up the Swiss aeronautical department under his command and on 31 Mar. 1901, under his orders, the Swiss Aero Club was founded; Schaeck was president until his death 2 May 1911. Membership was 75 in 1903, 140 in March 1906, and 552 at the end of 1909; there were some 600-700 members in 1910. Originally, balloons were rented from Germany. The AeCS organized the Gordon Bennett International Race at Zurich, 1-3 Oct. 1909. In 1910, the club owned seven free balloons and used the Gasanstalt (Gasworks) Bern and the Gasanstalt (Gasworks) Schlieren at Zurich as its balloon places. Reports of the club for 1901-1906 appear in Revue du Touring-Club Suisse and La Suisse Sportive. The Bulletin or Bulletin des Schweizer Aero Clubs was published Aug. 1906-Jan./Feb. 1920, although in each year 1919-1921, an issue of La Suisse Aérienne (Schweizerische Luftfahrt) was published and designated the club's official journal. The Aero-Revue, began in 1922 and has been the official journal since. Statutes and rules of procedure were published 1910-1927, a catalog of the library was published 1915, and a membership directory was published 1922.

The ACA Annual, 1907 and the Int'l Motor Cyclopaedia Year Book, 1908, both list the headquarters at Zurich but other sources as well as bibliographic records for its early publications indicate that Berne was the headquarters.

Several names, both in German and French, were used for the Aero Club of Switzeland or Swiss Aero Club, including Schweizer Aero Club, Schweizerischer Aero Club (or Klub), Aero Club der Schweizer, Aero Club der Schweiz, Aero Club Suisse, and Aero Club de Suisse. Braunbeck's uses Schweizer Aero-Club and Aero-Club Suisse and reproduces a logo imprinted Aero Club Suisse. Imprints of the club are listed in both the National Union Catalog Pre-1956 Imprints and Aeronautical and Space Serial Publications (1962) under Aero Club der Schweiz and that is the first listing on the club's current website as well. No matter what name, the club's acronym appears to be AeCS.

Affiliated with=FAI, 1905, 14 Oct., founding member


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Organization names Aero Club of Switzerland : Aero Club Swiss : Swiss Aero Club : Aero Club der Schweiz : Aero Club der Schweizer: Schweizer Aero Club : Schweizerischer Aero Club : Schweizerischer Aero Klub : Aero Club Suisse : Aero Club de Suisse (AeCS)
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Country Switzerland
City Berne
Affiliated with FAI
Scope National Federation
Started aero 1901
Ended aero still exists
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  • Address: 1 Lindenrain, Berne (1903); 3 Hirschengraben, Berne (at least 1906-1916); 11 Schwartzthor-strasse, Berne (1916-at least 1919). Balloon places at Gasanstalt Bern and Gasanstalt Schlieren, Zurich (1910)

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