Aero Club of Switzerland, Romande Section

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Based in Lausanne, the Romande Section of the Aero Club Suisse (AeCS) served the Romande or French-speaking region of Switzerland. The section was founded on 5 May 1910. While active in its early years as a balloon club, in 1911 it was responsible for the first use of aeroplanes at what became the Blecherrette airfield and airport. It appears that the club was quiet during World War I and then became active again. In 1933, its name changed to Aero Club Suisse, Section Vaudoise, and under that name it observed its 30th anniversary in 1990.

The club is reported to have had 14 members in 1910. In 1913, it published a list of persons designated by lottery to take part in [balloon] ascensions. It held its third general assembly in February 1913 and continued to hold annual general assemblies either in February or March through 1916. It published its own official journal, En Plein Vol, from 1928-1933.

Affiliated with AeCS on 5 May 1910.

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Organization names Aero Club of Switzerland, Romande Section : Aero Club der Schweiz, Sektion Romande : Aero Club Suisse, Section Romande
Entity type
Country Switzerland
City Lausanne
Affiliated with AeCS
Scope Regional
Started aero 1910
Ended aero 1933, name change
Key people
  • Address: 38 Avenue de Rumine, Lausanne (1920)

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