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The Aero Club of Utah was formed during October 1909 and adopted the Aero Club of America constitution and bylaws with some changes. Research was to be conducted chiefly along the lines of heavier-than-air machines and the club hoped to have a large machine in the air in the summer of 1910, but in addition, club members were interested in dirigibles. The club was incorporated by the end of the year. The club appears not to have affiliated with the Aero Club of America.

Initial officers were Dr. A. Brodbeck, president; Iver Redmond, S. S. Gilson, and Arthur Jennings, vice presidents; L. R. Culver, treasurer; and F. A. Ayres. The initial meeting was at the home of Wilton Powell who was named chair of the membership committee. 10 members reported in June 1910.

Possibly the VP Gilson was actually Samuel H. Gilson of Salt Lake City.


  • 5 Aeronautics (NYC) 238 (1909)
  • 6 Aeronautics (NYC) 33 (1910)
  • 1910 NYT, 3 & 23 June
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