Aero Club of the Netherlands Indies, Surabaya Branch

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The Nederlandsch Indische Vereeniging voor Luchtvaart or Dutch Indies Aero Club or Aero Club of the Netherlands, was formed 27 July 1909 in Batavia, West Java, Isle of Java, in the Dutch East Indies, in what is now known as Jakarta, Indonesia. Four days later, a branch was founded in Surabaya, East Java, Isle of Java. It was founded as a ballooning club and its original purpose was said to be the purchase of airships. The parent organization was incorporated as a limited public company on 8 March 1911. It’s stated aim was to promote aviation in the broadest sense and in all its ramifications and applications; furthermore, it wanted to aid the development of all sciences related to aviation and to dedicate attention to the industrial and commercial interests of aviation. At some point, but likely 1914, the club came under the patronage of the Dutch throne and the predicate Koninklijke or Royal was added to the name.

In Jane's 1909, this organization is identified as the Java Aerial Society. For consistency with our work on the Nederlandsche Vereeniging voor Luchtvaart, which we have translated as the Aero Club of the Netherlands, we are calling this the Aero Club of the Netherlands Indies, Surabaya Branch. We have identified the territory as the Dutch East Indies because that is the common designation in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Organization names Aero Club of the Netherlands Indies, Surabaya Branch : Nederlandsch Indische Vereeniging voor Luchtvaart, Soerabaja
Entity type
Country Dutch East Indies
City Sourabaya, East Java; Isle of Java
Affiliated with
Scope East Java
Started aero 1909
Ended aero
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