Aero Manual, 1909

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The Aero Manual: A manual of mechanically-propelled human flight, covering the history of the work of early investigators, and of the pioneer work of the last century. Recent successes, and the reasons therefor, are dealt with, together with full constructive details concerning airships, aeroplanes, gliders, etc. Compiled by the staff of The Motor. First edition. London: Temple Press Ltd, 7, 9, 11, 13, & 15, Roseberry Avenue, E.C. 1909.

Online at Internet Archive.


  • lots of contemporary advertisements
  • preface on Aeroplane Design and Construction by Prof. Herbert Chatley, Imperial Engineering College, North China
  • comments by Wilbur Wright from 1901 and on the Wright Brothers' experiments
  • histories and present-day technology by country
  • mechanics
  • survey of contemporary airplanes
  • tech topics: covering materials (see texture), propellers, engines, ignition
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