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The Aero Scientific Club of Washington, DC was formed by aeroplane builders and aviation enthusiasts of who met at the Raillroad YMCA 12 Oct. 1909. At that meeting, a tentative constitution and by-laws were adopted and temporary officers elected. At its meeting on 1 Feb. 1910, passed a resolution urging the Smithsonian Institution and the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia to establish laboratories where aeronauts may make tests of machinery and engines for use in aeroplanes. At its meeting on 7 June 1910, resolved to become affiliated with the Aeronautic Federation of America, which see. It is not clear when it joined the American Aeronautical Federation which was formed 22 June 1910 from the remains of the Aeronautic Federation of America, but at its meeting 4 Oct. 1910, it voted a resolution that severed its relationship with the American Aeronautical Federation. It was expected to affiliate with the National Council of the Aero Club of America.

Officers elected at the initial meeting were E. H. [or W.H.] Young, president; William H. Beck and T. H. Bean, vice presidents; F. L. Rice, secretary-treasurer. The club also chose an historian, Herbert Oden, and an official photographer, W. S. Kline. Samuel A. Luttrell was chosen chairman of the committee on experiments. The original 15 members included nine who had built or were building aeroplanes or dirigible balloons. Some 50 members by June 1910.

In January 1910, the club exhibited at the YMCA's New Year's reception and at the National Automobile and Aeronautic Show from the 24th-29th. The show, which was in Washington DC, was organized by Sam Luttrell and H. Chadwick Hunter, president of the Automobile Club of Washington.


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Organization names Aero Scientific Club of Washington [DC]
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Country US
City Washington, DC
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Scope Local
Started aero 1909
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  • Address: c/o Railroad YMCA, Washington, DC