Aimé, 1895, Portraits d'aéronautes contemporains. Camille Flammarion

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Lists Flammarion's twelve ascensions in free balloon, giving location, date, hour, and distance. With some philosophical remarks and allusions to Flammarion's interest in astronomy.

Original title Portraits d'aéronautes contemporains. Camille Flammarion
Simple title Portraits of contemporary aeronauts: Camille Flammarion
Authors Emmanuel Aimé
Date 1895
Countries FR
Languages fr
Keywords biography, aeronauts, Camille Flammarion, astronomy, balloon
Journal L'Aérophile
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 1
Word count


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  • Brockett 1910, page 32, entry 440: Aimé, Emmanuel. Portraits d'aéronautes contemporains. Camile Flammarion. L'Aérophile, 3e année, Nos. 3-4 (mars, avril 1895), Paris, pp. 34-36, port. 1. S (440