Aircraft Year Book, 1919

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Aircraft Year Book. Issued by Manufacturers Aircraft Association Inc. 501 Fifth Avenue, New York City.

The copy in Goucher library (619.13 A29 1919) was supplied to the library by the Manufacturers Aircraft Association.

The book has quite a lot of information, most substantially dealing with the fifteen companies which constitute the Manufacturers Aircraft Association. Also an essay on the future of aviation, information on flying aces from the war, some fairly detailed chronologies, and more. It contains attractive fold-out maps of aerial distances between key locations.

This issue was the first in an annual series. From the preface by Fay L. Faurote (New York City, 1919):

The manufacturers of aircraft have been participators in a great crusade. This crusade has had patriotic and scientific aspects. It has been attended by dramatic developments. A war-imposed secrecy has prevented aircraft makers from sharing with the public the drama of their effort. Now, however, the need for secrecy is past, and they can attempt a summing up of what they have done and experienced—a summing up which will be to a large extent a disclosure as well.
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