Aitken, 1909, How to glide, in Fly

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Original title How to glide
Simple title How to glide
Authors William H. Aitken
Date 1909
Keywords how-to, how, glide, glider
Journal Fly
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 1
Word count
  • same as the publiation in Aeronautics? I've read it. It's short - 4 paragraphs. It refers to Fly specifically so must have been phrased differently in Aeronautics, but might well be pretty much the same. Aitken is described as 'Demonstrator of the Philadelphia Country Club.' The entry as recorded in Brockett is factually correct. There is indeed an illustration -- a small photo of a glider in flight, with a pilot said to be Aitken


  • Brockett 1910, page 35, entry 479: Aitken, Wm. H. How to glide. Fly, Vol. 1, No. 8 (June 1909), Philadelphia, p. 18, ill. 1. S (479