Alfred-Eugène Pichou

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From original page 5 of Patent FR-1902-320073
Original diagram page of Patent FR-1902-320073
Original diagram page of Patent FR-1902-320073.739
Original page 4 of Patent FR-1904-326476.2435
Original page 4 of Patent FR-1909-396568

Alfred-Eugène Pichou was an aero inventor, rue de Cauderès, 11, Talence, Gironde, France, on whom we have minimal information, at present, other than his obviously prolific innovation, well-advanced and particular, touching various areas of aviation, specific, versatile, and self-referential, over time. Thus far he seems to have worked in a solo manner, and to have taken extraordinarily precise care, in terms of diagrams and in all other matters. He may be of particular note, as we transition from the Late Nineteenth into the Early Twentieth Century.

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Names Alfred-Eugène Pichou
Birth date
Death date
Countries France
Locations rue de Cauderès, 11, Talence (Gironde)
Tech areas orthopter, airship, landing, safety, navigation, propulsion, ascension, parachute