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Scan at HathiTrust (Volume 1, Nos. 1–6, 1907–1908; which might be the only issues published)


The American Aeronaut and Aerostatist is the exponent of aeronautics on this continent. Through its connections abroad, it aims to present accurately and entertainingly the thought and endeavor of scientific inquiery in Europe for the true principle of aerial navigation. In its more immediate field in this hemisphere, it will represent every phase of aeronautics, both in text and in illustrations.

Yearly subscription, $1.50 ; one issue, $0.15.

Published Monthly at Greely Printery, 15th & Pine Sts., St. Louis, Mo.

(There was another publication, with admittedly similar-looking table of contents page, called American Aeronaut, which published out of New York, edited by McMechen and Dienstbach. Its August 1909 issue is labeled Vol. 1 No. 1.)

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