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Antoine-Padoue Filippi was a French aero inventor, of the Seine region, working a great deal with propulsion, and lift, his "système Filippi" of propellers playing a general role, and being suggestively included in 1915 French Patent co-registered with Henri Boutigny, said patent having to do with a structure designed to support similar types of arrayed propellers.

There seems to be a rather profound complex here, with strictly aerial work, with propellers, building upon itself, and borrowing as well from his own work in tech areas such as ventilation. Inter-patent referencing is fairly extreme, with nations such as Spain and Australia factoring into the nations in whose offices patents were filed.

Filippi gave his address on patents from 132 Avenue du Maine, Paris, France.

Espacenet repeat inquiry on Filipi 1900-1920, prompted initially by references found within Patent FR-1912-424987.15884. He seems to have been more prolific than we had known . . . We are working on it!


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