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The Atlantic City Aero Meet took place between July 4 and July 12, 1910.[1]

To finance the event, the Atlantic City Aero Club raised $26,000 in donations from businesses and individuals.[2]

July 8: Exhibition flights by Glenn Hammond Curtiss and Walter Richard Brookins.[3]

July 9: Walter Richard Brookins credited with setting a new record for flying higher than 1 mile.[4] Brookins had reached 6,175 feet when his motor gave out and he made a crash landing.[2]

July 12: Curtiss demonstrated military applications of the airplane by dropping orange mock-bombs on a boat and on photographers on the beach.[2]

Link: "Flying Fearless: The 1910 Atlantic City and Asbury Park Airshows", created by Atlantic City Library


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Event names Atlantic City exhibition; Atlantic City Aero Meet
Event type exhibition
Country US
Location Atlantic City, NJ
Start date 1910-07-04
Number of days 8
Tech focus airplanes, military

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