Bacon, 1902, Dominion of the Air

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John Mackenzie Bacon. The Dominion of the Air: The Story of Aërial Navigation. London, Paris, New York & Melbourne: Cassell and Company, Limited. 1902.

Online at Internet Archive and HathiTrust. (Second/American edition?)

Detailed history of ballooning touching on military applications and atmospheric science.

Bacon credits some of the stories of ancient and medieval flying. In the following case he suspects a rocket:

In mediæval times we are seriously told by a saintly writer (St. Remigius) of folks who created clouds which rose to heaven by means of "an earthen pot in which a little imp had been enclosed." We need no more.


  • Brockett 1910, page 81, entry 1129: Bacon, John M. The dominion of the air: The story of aërial navigation. London, [1902], Cassell & Co., 8°, pp. 356, pl. 24. (1129
Original title The Dominion of the Air: The Story of Aërial Navigation
Simple title The Dominion of the Air
Authors John Mackenzie Bacon
Date 1902
Countries GB
Languages en
Keywords aerial navigation, history, ballooning, military, meteorology
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Page count 348
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