Banet-Rivet, 1898, L'Aéronautique

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P. Banet-Rivet. L'Aéronautique. Paris: Société Française d'Éditions d'Art. L.-Henry May, éditeur des collections quantin. 9 et 11, rue Saint-Benolt.

Online at Internet Archive.

Worldcat entry for apparent recent reprint.

Seemingly no one, not even Worldcat, knows what the P. in the author's name stands for. He has some other work listed on wikisource, which also calls him an aviator.

The book itself treats a variety of important topics in aeronautics, historical and contemporary. It's heavy on equations and diagrams and gets into a lot of different inventions, technologies, inventors, vessels, etc. Chapter III discusses in detail the production of aerostatic gasses. Finally it hits a lot of key points on aeronautics used for science, meteorology, and war.

Though Banet-Rivet devotes most of the book to balloons, he ultimately favors aviation as the future of air travel:

Mais alors, on arrive fatelement à cette conclusion que, seuls, des appareils plus lourds que l'air fourniront la solution du problème de la navigation aérienne, l'Aviation devenant ainsi le prolongement naturel de l'Aérostation.

Table of contents comes at the end (starting p. 267.)

Original title L'Aéronautique
Simple title L'Aéronautique
Authors P. Banet-Rivet
Date 1898
Countries FR
Languages fr
Keywords LTA, balloon, gas, military, meteorology
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 272
Word count


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