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Blériot Aeronautics was the English branch of Blériot Aéronautique. After the success of the Bleriot XI and placement of orders for it in the UK, Blériot opened up a new factory which produced some.[1]

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Advertisement in The Aeroplane, March 26, 1914.
  • Address: Belfast Chambers, 156, Regent Street, London; Brooklands, Byfleet, SUrrey
  • Cable address: Blerioplan, London
  • Phone: Regent 3653


  1. Treadwell, 2011, British & Allied Aircraft Manufacturers of WWI, pp. 71–72.
Names Blériot Aeronautics, Bleriot Aeronautics
Country GB
City London
Keywords school
Started aero 1912–1914
Ended aero
Key people Norbert Chereau, Louis Blériot