Boutineaux, 1899

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Victor-Paul Bouttieaux. La météorologie appliquée à l'aérostation. 1899.

Online at BnF/Gallica.

Composition of atmosphere; physiology (cause of elevation sickness is insufficient oxygen, not pressure); Paul Bert; danger of hydrogen (pp. 7–9). Diagram of high balloon ascents (p. 10). Lawrence Hargrave, Charles Renard, Abbott Lawrence Rotch.

Temperature; thermometers; solar heat; air temperature; daily cycle; annual cycle; averages, etc. World isotherms.

Humidity, hygrometer. Pressure, barometer.

Literally title means "Meteorology applied to ballooning" but might substantively mean "Ballooning applied to meteorology."

Original title La météorologie appliquée à l'aérostation
Simple title Meteorology applied to ballooning
Authors Victor-Paul Bouttieaux
Date 1899
Countries FR
Languages fr
Keywords meteorology, LTA, instruments, weather
Related to aircraft? Yes
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