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Prize money totalling 100,000 lire ; few successful flights ; went badly, troops called to control angry crowd[1]

Mario Calderara flew at this meet.

First air show (to feature airplanes, perhaps)) in Italy:

As we have seen, it is more than probable that the Brescia air show—the first in Italy and, after Rheims, the second in Europe—was organized because international automobile races, the undisputed glory of the city so far, were also being planned for Milan and Bologna, and the citizens of Brescia wanted something to be proud of, without the competition of their neighbors.[2]

Overview of committees and key people:

For the organizing committee—or rather its two branches, an elite of officers, civil servants, politicians, industrialists, sports functionaries, and a few notables from abroad assembled. The prefects of Brescia and Milan were listed on the august seventeen-member honorary committee, together with the army commanders of the Brescia region, the presidents of the competing Italian Aeronautics and Aviation Societies, and the director general of the Italian Automobile Touring Club, as well as the publisher of Milan's famous newspaper Corriere della Sera. There was also the Compte de La Vaulx, founding father of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, who was to arrive in his dirigible Zodiac III, and Cortlandt Field Bishop, president of the American Aero Club, who attended the events faithfully. Among the thirty-four members of the general committee, aristocrats, investors, industrialists, and engineers were highly visible, among them Gerolamo Orefici, Brescia's popular mayor; Conte Orazio Oldofredi, scion of Brescia's oldest feudal family going back to the thirteenth century, and the engineer Evaristo Stefini, who was to plan and build the aerodrome. These committees were, of course, far too unwieldy to organize matters efficiently, and they delegated their powers to an executive and a sports committee (of ten and eleven members respectively) and two groups of commissari sportivi, one each for airplanes and dirigibles to verify technical conditions and to supervise the competitions. 'Cavaliere Mercanti and Conte Oldofredi were impossible to avoid, and Orefici long concerned with the well-being of his city, was everywhere.[3]


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Event names Brescia air show; Circuito Aereo di Brescia
Event type exhibition
Country IT
Location Brescia
Start date 1909-09-08
Number of days 13
Tech focus airplane