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How many aircraft were purchased before 1920? Who bought them? Why did potential buyers want airplanes? How much was it worth to them? What were the prices? How many passengers were there, and what did they pay, and why? What other services brought in revenue?

There is an economic literature on this to draw from to address this blizzard of basic questions and we can synthesize that simply and perhaps add with some basic findings, although the main focus of unique data here is aircraft technoloqy and the people who made it.

The subject here is focused on the period up to 1920. We can have summaries or pages about the economics of aircraft and passengers etc in later periods, especially notable works by Benkard, Perfect Markov Bayesian models, Jaworski, Phil Scranton, Walter Vicenti, etc but can't put huge effort into addressing those issues because they are too big and too different from the issues relevant to the period before 1920.

There is a substantial amount about he economics of innovation and patents, which is relevant too but again the stuff addressing issues mainly relevant beyond 1920 is largely outside our zone. We can summarize a lot and link to a lot.

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