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Founded by Gaston and René Caudron.

Built some 113 aircraft of 20 types, 1910 to 1914, most biplanes; 1914 and 1915 buildt over 3,000 aircraft including trainers fighters, bombers, and more while hundreds more were built by British Caudron, AER in Italy, and several French companies. The last aircraft produced were gliders built in 1946.

British Caudron produced Sopwith Camels under contract.

Gaston died in aircraft accident 1915.

Locations: Flying school at Le Crotoy; factory at Rue. Ca. 1914 factory moved to Lyon and Rene opens second factory, March 1915, at 50 a 70 rue Guynemer, Issy-les-Moulineaux (Seine). Dir1920 p44 shows British Caudron had an office in Broadway, Cricklewood, London.


Names Caudron
Country France
City Le Crotoy; Lyon; Issy-les-Moulineaux; Cricklewood, London
Started aero 1910
Ended aero 1946
Key people Gaston Caudron, René Caudron