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Charles F. Baudry (1867-1920) (GB) (See APPENDIX-U/AT/AZ.) was a sport balloonist in the southwest of France.[1]

  • born: 2 Nov 1867 Touraine[1]
  • professions: Civil Engineer; Industrialist[1]
  • f: First B-Flight Jul.1903; Made 12 ascents by 1907[1]
  • l: Sportsman, Technical writer for l'Aerophile Magazine[1]
  • m: President of Aero Club du Sud-Ouest ; Industrial Society[1]
  • Epic flight 10 Oct 1904. Crashed and broke his leg[1]
  • r: l'Aerophile-Feb 1907[1]

This could be the Baudry referred to on the Association Générale Aéronautique page, and is definitely the Baudry referred to on the Aero Club of the South-West page and the Aerial League Meridian, and is quite possibly the patent agent referred to by Patent FR-1919-495383 Another Baudry is Édouard Baudry.


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Names Charles F. Baudry; C.F. Baudry; C. F. Baudry; Ch. Baudry
Birth date 1867-11--02
Death date 1920
Countries FR
Locations Touraine; Bordeaux area
Occupations writer, balloonist, civil engineer, industrialist
Tech areas LTA
Affiliations Aero Club du Sud-Ouest