Dollfus & Bouché, 1938, Histoire de l'aéronautique

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Charles Dollfus & Henri Bouché. Historie de l'aéronautique. L'Illustration, 13, rue Saint-Geroges, Paris. 1938.

(First published 1932 then republished 1938 with an added chapter covering the intervening years. Again in 1942.)

Scan at BNF/Gallica.

Contains staggering volume of beautiful artworks and photographs. Very comprehensive; many key events and people. Emphasis on France but due respect is paid to Lilienthal, Langley, Wrights, etc.

Original title Histoire de l'aéronautique
Simple title History of aeronautics
Authors Charles Dollfus, Henri Bouché
Date 1932
Countries FR
Languages fr
Keywords LTA, airplane
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 612
Word count